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Bride speech
Your memories, journey, story.

You're the star of the show! Front and center of your guests' attention all day, you'll have everyone eager to hear from you by the time you take the microphone.
The bride doesn't have to give a speech, traditionally speaking. But, why not? Your guests want to hear from you. They are on your journey with you.
They want to hear about your love for your new husband, and this is your opportunity to convey your feelings towards your family and friends.

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Maid of honor speech
Make you and her shine .

The Maid of Honor – the all-important role of ensuring the bride’s needs are met.
Though, as the maid of honor, you may sit somewhat in the shadows, that is – until the time of your speech! Then, all eyes are on you.
Telling a story or two and making the bride happy with the speech is a focus. But, there is plenty of room to compliment the bridal party, talk about the couple, and give the audience insight into the bride.
Including all these areas within your speech will make the bride and groom happy and impress your audience by pulling on their heartstrings.

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Groom speech
Celebrate your story.

As the groom, you will be at the center of your wedding party’s attention all day, but at no point more so than when you are giving your speech.
Your guests want to hear from you. They are on your journey with you. They want to hear about your love for your new wife, and this is your opportunity to convey your feelings towards your family, friends, and bride.
You and your bride’s journey separates you from the other speakers – you are in the driver’s seat, so acknowledge your guests’ part in it and take them with you in style!

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Best man speech
Best dancer, best speaker, Best Man.

The Best Man role is one that asks a lot from you: complimenting people, making people laugh, helping the groom, and of course – giving a speech with stories and content appropriate for the audience.
If you are like most people, speech writing for weddings is not something you do every day.
Yet, it is your role as Best Man to make people feel appreciated, happy, and entertained on the wedding day, and you can certainly achieve this by delivering a great speech.

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Father of the bride speech
First cab off the rank.

Being the father of the bride, you have a unique insight into the couple and can help to boost the love-filled spirit of the occasion.
You also have connections with many guests and are well-positioned to provide trusted background insight. With a focus on stories and characteristics of the bride and the couple, along with acknowledging family and friends in your speech, your words will shine the spotlight on the couple’s adventure of falling in love and leave the audience feeling happy and entertained.

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Father of the Groom Speech
Celebrate your father-son bond.

Front of crowd, probable co-host, and of course – the speech.
Chances are you won’t be the first or the last speaker, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your maturity (or immaturity depending on how you feel) and your ability to make people laugh and cry (in a good way, we hope).
In all seriousness, your speech is an opportunity to show your love and pride for your son and the couple, as well as complete the expected formalities of thanking your guests. And while we’re at it, why not add in some entertaining insight into the groom? It is a wedding after all.
In the spirit of the occasion, let’s be both fun and heartfelt and have your guests wishing you could have spoken for longer.

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Wedding Vows
Long-time tradition.

Your wedding vows – short, simple, and easy, right? For those of you that have taken that ride, wedding vows can be one of the hardest pieces of writing you’ll ever have to navigate.
In a paragraph or two, how can you tell him or her what you love about them, promise them your devotion, and perhaps throw in something funny to keep it interesting? Emotion, promises, lightheartedness – balance these and you'll impress the audience (and your bride or groom!) by taking them on a rollercoaster of emotions.

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